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Coronavirus And Your Personal Injury Case

On Behalf of | Apr 13, 2020 | Firm News |


The coronavirus crisis has changed so many things in our lives. While there are signs that our nation’s collective effort to control the virus is working, we still face daily challenges. What has not changed is FLD’s ability and commitment to fight for what’s right and fair for our clients. We continue to represent injured people through remote access and our technological resources. Current cases and new cases are handled by phone, email, text, fax, and video. We continue to serve existing clients and welcome new clients while at the same time protecting the health and well-being of our staff and our clients.

 We are attorneys who represent injured people every day in all areas of injury law; we are acutely aware that many of you are concerned about how this epidemic may affect your case. We’d like to address two issues that have been raised recently.

Medical Treatment

When you’ve been injured, receiving the medical treatment recommended by your doctor is important for your own health and well-being; you need medical care to treat your serious injuries. Many medical providers have been postponing or canceling appointments. If possible, keep appointments with your doctors through COVID-19 safe practices or through virtual visits. If that’s not possible, then keep track of all appointments and treatment you have not been able to get because of provider cancelations or rescheduling. The point is to be able to document to an insurance adjuster or a jury that you needed and wanted medical treatment, but due to circumstances out of your control you were not able to get this treatment. This includes physical therapy, massage therapy, pain management, and diagnostic tests such as MRIs, EKGs, or CT scans, as well as treatment by your primary care physician or a specialist.

Your Own Motor Vehicle Insurance Coverage

The financial market has been significantly affected by the coronavirus epidemic which in turn may affect many peoples’ ability to maintain more than the minimum auto insurance liability coverage. New York State currently requires only $25,000 in liability coverage to pay for another person’s injuries. Our attorneys have always recommended that you carry as much supplemental underinsured motorist coverage (often referred to as SUM coverage). That advice is even more critical now. SUM coverage provides payments under your own policy if the insurance coverage of the driver that caused your accident is not enough to fairly compensate you for your injuries.


The bottom line is that if you’ve been injured in an accident, now is the time to call FLD. We’re here for you when you need help most.