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Is This A Sign Of A TBI?

On Behalf of | May 28, 2021 | Personal Injury |

When faced with the possibility of a brain injury, it is important to take quick action. You can do this by understanding what potential warning signs to keep an eye out for. With regular brain injuries, this is a little harder. 

But with traumatic brain injuries (TBI), the signs often prove easy to recognize and notice. But just what are these signs? 

Mental and behavioral red flags

Mayo Clinic discusses the signs that could point to a traumatic brain injury. They often fall into three categories: mental, behavioral and physical. The type of signs you notice will differ depending on the location of the injury, its severity and other factors like the overall health of the victim. 

Mentally, victims often exhibit great confusion. They struggle with mental clarity and memory. Many often cannot recall how they ended up in the current situation. They may suffer from severe memory loss too, which could impact their ability to remember where they are, the date, or more. 

This confusion is a major contributor to behavioral signs, such as agitation and emotional instability. Victims often feel overwhelmed, especially if they are in physical pain and cannot remember anything. This may lead to panic, which can result in the victim lashing out at others or having emotional breakdowns. 

Physical symptoms

Physically, keep an eye out for obvious signs like passing out or leaking clear fluid from the ears and nose. Victims often have unevenly dilated pupils, too. They may also complain about nausea, dizziness, headaches or sensory issues. Any of these things could act as a warning sign for a TBI and you should treat them as such.