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Can A Helmet Protect You From Head Injury?

On Behalf of | Sep 27, 2021 | Personal Injury |

Motorcyclists like you understand that you face an elevated risk of injury compared to drivers of covered vehicles. This holds particularly true when it comes to injuries of the neck, back and head.

However, wearing helmets can reduce the severity of the injuries you face, along with your overall chance of suffering from an injury. But what are the exact percentages of reduction? Exactly how much do helmets help?

Studies reveal weaknesses in helmets

The National Library of Medicine takes a look at the impact helmets have on head injuries after a crash. Needless to say, all scientific studies and information have thus far pointed to helmets providing the maximum amount of safety, especially to the head. Riding without a helmet almost guarantees severe or even lethal injury if you get into a crash.

However, helmets still have room for improvement in design and their ability to protect. For example, intracranial hemorrhaging sees a reduction of around 53 percent when a rider wears a helmet. This is certainly much better than a 0 percent chance of protection, but it is far from perfect.

On top of that, this collected data also shows that helmets do not protect from all injuries equally. Some injuries, such as cerebral contusion, saw a 71 percent reduction. This came with a 69 percent reduction in skull fractures.

Maximizing protection for motorcyclists

Data gathered from other studies could go toward maximizing safety measures and upping these percentages even further. In the meantime, preventative measures for injury should always include wearing helmets and other protective gear in the proper way, as this can better one’s chances of getting through a crash with minimal damage.