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How May I Prove That I Have A Disability?

On Behalf of | Mar 15, 2022 | Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) |

When applying for Social Security Disability Insurance benefits, you need to list all the medical conditions your doctor diagnosed. A checklist on the Social Security Administration website notes you may also need to include information about the medical professionals involved in your diagnosis.

The application process could include a reviewer contacting your doctors and any hospitals where you obtained treatment. You may help the review process by including your physician’s contact information and your patient number in your application. You could also list the dates of your medical exams and the types of treatments you received.

Providing evidence of an impairment through medical records

Documents certified by your doctor may provide the information required to prove your impairment. The SSA may request to see the results of your medical tests. You could include the dates of lab procedures or any other diagnostic procedures, such as an MRI or ultrasound, on your application.

If you take prescription medications, you may list them on your SSDI application along with the doctor who prescribed them. Listing non-prescription supplements that you take could also help verify your condition.

Submitting to an independent medical examination

As noted on, the application process may include a request for you to submit to a consultative examination. The SSA generally pays for an exam conducted by an independent medical professional who clarifies the contents of your medical records. The independent practitioner may perform tests and other procedures that determine your ability to complete work-related physical activities. The independent examiner may also test memory and concentration skills.

An SSDI application often includes submitting several forms of medical evidence to prove an impairment or a qualifying condition. For further clarification, however, you may also need to undergo a physical examination by an independent medical professional assigned by the SSA.