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What Are Some Dangers Facing Motorcyclists On The Road?

On Behalf of | Apr 25, 2022 | Personal Injury |

While you may embrace the open road, there are many threats that motorcyclists face while driving. Some come from other vehicles you share a highway or back road with, while others come from the difference in size or handling of your motorcycle.

Learning about these potential dangers and understanding them can help you to stay safe.

Visibility at intersections and other areas

According to the United States Department of Transportation, a car or truck driver that turns without looking in all directions can easily miss a motorcycle that is heading toward them. Due to their size, motorcycles are not as easy to spot in mirrors or by looking around the road.

This does not mean that cars and trucks do not have a responsibility to check in all directions before pulling out in order to avoid a crash. However, this difference in visibility can mean busy intersections and highways are sometimes dangerous.

Unexpected road obstacles

With a smaller vehicle like a motorcycle, unexpected bumps or potholes can cause serious problems. A person who swings open a car door without looking may lightly damage the outside of a car, while knocking a rider off a motorcycle and causing head or back injuries.

Larger vehicles may also create drafts of wind on highways that can cause you to sway back and forth if they are too close to you. Even a scrap piece of rubber or other items could knock you off your motorcycle if it falls onto you from another vehicle. Staying aware of the cars and trucks around you and knowing how to navigate the roads is important.