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Road Workers And Job-Related Injuries

On Behalf of | Jun 3, 2022 | Workplace Injuries |

If you work in road construction, it is especially important to focus on your safety. Every year, many road workers become seriously hurt when something goes wrong, and you should carefully go over the various hazards that you could encounter and take steps to reduce the likelihood of finding yourself seriously hurt in an accident.

Unfortunately, you could become seriously injured while working on a road construction site, even if you are very cautious. Make sure you approach your recovery carefully and go over your options.

Vehicles and other road worker injury risks

According to the Federal Highway Administration, most highway construction workers injured on the job find themselves in this position due to accidents involving construction vehicles and contact with equipment and objects. Other major road worker accident risk factors include slipping, tripping and falling, exposure to toxic substances and overexertion.

From extreme heat to chaotic traffic, there are times when the likelihood of a work zone accident becomes especially high. However, these accidents can occur whenever a crew performs road work, and it is pivotal to remain vigilant.

The impact of a work zone injury

If you suffer an injury while working, you could have a long road to recovery. Not only could you struggle with debilitating injuries that lead to physical pain and even immobility, but you might have to miss work, which could result in financial hardships. Medical costs can also cause financial distress, and many accident victims have emotional difficulties to address as well.

In the wake of a work zone accident, you should immediately take a close look at workers’ compensation benefits and determine whether you are eligible.