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How Can Road Rage Lead To A Serious Car Accident?

On Behalf of | Jul 23, 2022 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

When driving around on the road, you may not expect to draw the attention of another person near you. In some cases, this angry driver could try to run you off the road or may even cause a vehicle collision.

While the signs of road rage may not always be obvious at first, knowing more about them can help you if you are in an accident.

Excessive speeding

According to NBC News, a common problem many drivers with road rage face is constantly traveling over the speed limit while trying to pursue another vehicle. Speeding can lead to a shortened reaction time when the driver approaches an obstacle or pedestrian in their way.

It can also lead to them losing control of their car on a busy road and ramming into your vehicle. Someone who is full of rage may struggle to control impulsive behavior, which can lead to violence.


Loud honking noises from a horn or yelling from outside the window of a car can make people look around. This momentary distraction from an angry driver can cause confusion and panic, especially when this driver is also closely following the other car.

Tailgating is not only distracting but also dangerous, since following too close to another person’s bumper often does not leave a person time to come to a complete stop.


Suddenly moving a vehicle into another lane without using signals can intimidate other drivers. When a person with road rage decides to do this, it can show that they are attempting to potentially cause a collision.

Dealing with erratic behavior from other people on the road can drain you. Knowing more about road rage may help you if you are in a vehicle accident.