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How To Prepare For A Workers’ Compensation Claim

On Behalf of | Sep 13, 2022 | Workplace Injuries |

If you received an injury on the job, you may not know how to get compensation. Often, your employer will help you fill out paperwork to file a worker’s compensation claim.

Although some insurance companies settle these claims, many are initially denied. After submitting your appeal, you may have to appear at a worker’s compensation hearing to get your full compensation. These are a few tips to help you prepare.

Determine your financial damages

Your initial step should be determining how much you need. This figure should include all your medical care, lost wages, future retraining costs and any other incidentals. Include both your past and expected future expenses in these calculations. You may also receive eligibility for temporary or permanent disability benefits, so include this information.

Gather your evidence

First, gather all your medical bills, diagnostics and doctor’s recommendations. Include several of your pay slips to prove your wages. Also, if the insurance company required an independent medical evaluation, get a copy of the report from this professional.

Make a copy of your initial claim paperwork. Gather witness statements or depositions from any witnesses. Also, include statements from vocational experts, especially if the incident affected your ability to do your job.

Prepare to testify

First, you may have to give a deposition before the trial. Be sure you have your information correct, and never lie or stretch the truth during your deposition. Then, prepare to answer the same questions for the judge. You may receive additional questions, so make sure you have the answers to any additional questions you may receive.

To get the most out of your worker’s compensation claim, learn what to expect during the hearing. It may take up to 90 days to receive your judgment, so be patient and prepare for an appeal.