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What Are The Top Causes Of Crashes?

On Behalf of | Oct 17, 2022 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

Life returning to normal has paved the way for an influx of vehicles commuting once again. With this has come an uptick in crashes, largely due to the same reasons.

While a crash can happen for any reason, some causes occur more than others. To avoid a potentially catastrophic injury, learn about the top causes of crashes in New York and beyond.

What are the common causes of car crashes?

When the authorities investigate a crash, they may find some common denominators. It is worth noting that these are all preventable.


Excessive speed remains a top cause of car accidents. While it may not appear a big deal to go over the posted speed limit, it may quickly become clear why that is a bad idea. Speeding may result in a loss of control of the vehicle and the reduced likelihood that braking will result in a stop before a collision.


Although driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol remains illegal, people still believe they can do it. If those who partake are fortunate, they will only receive a ticket. However, some cause crashes that may prove fatal. Driving drunk reduces judgment and reaction time. It also increases the likelihood of risky driving practices, such as speeding and weaving between cars.


Distracted driving is commonplace. Unfortunately, even though states have enacted laws to criminalize it, people still do not pay attention while behind the wheel. The most common form of distraction is a smartphone, although eating, drinking and talking to people in the car also fall into this category.

Any crash may result in severe damages, injuries and death. Remaining attentive to driving habits on the road may prove life-saving.