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3 Things To Know About Bicycle Accidents

On Behalf of | Nov 14, 2022 | Personal Injury |

Living in a smaller community provides an opportunity to get on your bike and ride with freedom.

Unfortunately, not all motorists give bicyclists the room or attention they should get. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s traffic data indicates that in 2020, there were 938 bicyclist fatalities and 38,886 injuries.

1. Types of accidents

Accidents happen for many reasons from distracted driving to driving while intoxicated and simply not paying attention. For the latter, that often results in a dooring accident, in which a driver fails to check for anyone approaching prior to opening the door. On the road, common accidents include left-cross, right-cross and right-hand. In these situations, drivers focus too much on oncoming traffic instead of potential cyclists to the right or left. Bicyclists also have no immunity from a rear-end crash or a hit-and-run accident. Regardless of the type, the person on the bike typically sustains far greater injuries.

2. Common injuries

While a minor bump may only leave you with a few bumps and scrapes that seem harmless, you may have hidden injuries. Since your body has no protection as it does in a car, your hands, wrists, arms, legs and back face exposure to an injury. In serious situations, the accident may lead to a traumatic brain injury, broken bones and potential nerve damage.

3. Victim’s rights

Drivers in New York must have personal injury protection as part of their auto insurance. If the person driving the vehicle caused the accident, the PIP should kick in and cover your medical expenses. Of course, the insurance company decides how many benefits you receive. Some injuries may have long-lasting effects that cause an extra financial and emotional burden.

If you do not receive the compensation you deserve, you still have options available.