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Heavy Lifting On The Job May Have Caused Your Spinal Injury

On Behalf of | Mar 3, 2023 | Workplace Injuries |

The discomfort and symptoms did not surface until at least two days after you finished your factory job that required a great amount of lifting and moving heavy items. The sharp pain surfaced under your arm in the rib-cage area. Muscle spasms followed and then paralysis on one side of your body.

The doctors informed you that you had rare condition known as a cervical hematoma – the build-up of blood – in your upper spinal area. Your situation would require urgent attention in order to avoid additional medical complications such as paralysis. Did your duties at your job cause this? That is a strong possibility. As a result, you likely qualify for workers’ compensation benefits.

Bleeding in the neck’s soft tissues

A cervical hematoma may have occurred spontaneously, however, in your case, all that heavy lifting likely was the source that caused bleeding in the soft tissue near your upper spine. The build-up of blood pushed your spinal cord out of alignment, leading to the temporary paralysis of your right arm and leg.

In certain cases, this medical ailment also may surface due to blunt trauma to the neck. This possibly could occur from a work-related fall, being struck by a heavy object or even being squeezed, pinched or trapped in between two objects.

Prompt surgery often required

Surgery is usually necessary to treat patients suffering from a cervical hematoma, and it must be promptly performed. This delicate surgery known as a laminectomy – the removal of part of the vertebrae to suction out the blood build-up – provides more space for the spinal cord. This surgery does not come without certain risks, which may include nerve damage and permanent paralysis.

With a successful surgery, expect months of recovery, follow-up medical visits with the surgical team and neurologist as well as sessions of physical and occupational therapy. Mounting medical bills along with lost wages may make you feel even more desperate.

Seek the benefits you deserve

Your employer should understand that work duties contributed to your serious and potentially life-changing injury. Seek the workers’ compensation you deserve. During the lengthy recovery, you also are likely to qualify for short-term disability benefits.