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How Do Brain Injuries Manifest After A Crash?

On Behalf of | Mar 10, 2023 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

After getting into a crash, it is not unusual for a victim to experience some sort of head injury. This can in turn lead to a brain injury.

What are the first potential signs of a brain injury that may manifest in the aftermath of the crash?

Issues with minor symptoms

Mayo Clinic discusses trauma to the head and resulting brain injuries. Generally speaking, brain injuries resulting from head trauma in a crash will usually come from impact wounds. The brain will hit the inside of the skull, causing swelling, bleeding and bruising within it.

Minor head injuries often prove a bit difficult to identify. This is due to the short lifespan of some of the symptoms, which people often overlook. This can include things like temporary head pain or dizziness that tends to ease up with time.

Moderate to severe head injury symptoms

Moderate to severe head injuries have more noticeable symptoms that typically worsen or maintain over time. This can include extreme head pain, loss of consciousness or falling into a comatose state, trouble with hand-eye coordination, trouble with motor functionality and skill and muscular weakness.

The victim’s senses may also suffer. This can include blurred vision, a mixed sense of smell, ringing in the ears, and loss of taste or change in taste. Sensation of touch may also temporarily feel altered.

Behaviorally and emotionally, victims of brain injuries tend to act out, displaying unusual aggression or confusion. They may also refuse a trip to the hospital, but of course, in this situation, that is a refusal to ignore.