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Driving distractions can come up unexpectedly

On Behalf of | Jul 4, 2024 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

When many people think of distracted driving, they imagine drivers who are intentionally distracted. For instance, perhaps a driver picks up their phone to try to type a text message while driving to work. They know that it’s a distraction and they’re choosing to do it on purpose because they are prioritizing that message over the safety of everyone around them.

Certainly, things like this do happen every day. But it’s important for drivers to realize that they could also be suddenly and unexpectedly distracted.

Getting lost in thought

For example, some reports claim that one of the top driving distractions is just when drivers get lost in thought. They may say that their mind was wandering or that they zoned out behind the wheel. Many of these distracted drivers don’t even realize it unless an accident occurs.

Exterior distractions

Additionally, there are many distractions that happen outside of the car. Maybe a driver suddenly goes by a road construction zone or another car accident. Maybe they’re looking for a street sign, so they’re not fully focused on the traffic around them.

The impact of children

For parents who drive with their children, the kids are one of the main distractions they face. They may be well aware that this is happening, but there may not be anything they can do to prevent it. Parents often get distracted trying to solve disputes between siblings, pass out snacks and drinks, or pick up toys and other items children have dropped on the floor.

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