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Pursuing Compensation After An Accident On Dangerous Property

At Fessenden Laumer & DeAngelo, PLLC, we pursue justice and compensation for people who have been injured on unsafe property. These accidents are commonly called slip-and-fall or trip-and-fall accidents, but there are many other types of accidents caused by dangerous property. These injury claims are often referred to as “premises liability” claims because the legal responsibility typically falls on the owner of the property.

Common Property Hazards

Slip-and-fall accidents can occur anywhere – stores, businesses, sidewalks, public roads, parks, schools and private residences can all be hazardous in certain conditions. Common types of premises liability claims include:

  • Slip-and-fall/trip-and-fall accidents
  • Injuries caused by dangerous stairs, elevators or escalators
  • Dog bites and other animal attacks
  • Assaults caused by inadequate security
  • Claims for injuries caused by inadequate lighting or signage
  • Accidents at unsafe water parks or amusement parks

I Don’t Want To Sue Anybody. Can I Still Pursue Compensation?

We understand that no one likes the thought of being labeled “litigious” or bringing a claim that could damage a neighbor’s or business owner’s livelihood. However, a civil personal injury claim will typically seek compensation from the party’s insurance company. This is why businesses and other entities carry insurance.

In our court system, bringing a lawsuit for a personal injury is often the only way to pursue financial compensation for your losses. If you have questions or concerns about the process of seeking compensation, we encourage you to reach out for a no-obligation consultation.

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Securing compensation for people who have suffered serious injuries is a personal calling for every attorney and staff member on our team. It is a privilege to help our neighbors get back on their feet after being seriously injured on unsafe property. If you or a loved one has been hurt because of a property owner’s negligence, please contact us via email or call 716-281-8393.