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Larger Vehicles Present A Greater Risk Of Danger To Pedestrians

On Behalf of | Apr 11, 2022 | Uncategorized |

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety found that drivers operating large vehicles have a greater chance of hitting pedestrians. Motorists turning in large sports utility vehicles and pickup trucks may not see pedestrians in their vehicles’ blind spots.

As reported by WNBC New York, pedestrians have a 23% higher chance of SUVs striking them while those vehicles make left turns. Pickup trucks pose a 42% higher chance of striking pedestrians while turning compared to passenger cars.

Pedestrians may go unnoticed by motorists in larger vehicles

Manufacturers produce large vehicles with wide structural pillars to hold up their roofs. Pedestrians walking near a vehicle’s corners may go unnoticed when a driver turns. Blind spots caused by a large vehicle’s thick support pillars could block a driver’s vision between the cabin and windshield.

The popularity of creating trucks with high hoods has increased the chances of accidents involving pedestrians crossing the street in front of those vehicles. High hoods could obstruct a motorist’s vision. Crashes resulting in serious injuries are more likely with SUVs and large pickup trucks in or near an intersection.

Pedestrian accidents may also involve off-road locations, dark lighting or alcohol

According to the National Center for Health Statistics, pedestrians also face a risk of getting struck by large vehicles in parking lots and driveways. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration found that pedestrians often get hit on open roads with dark lighting. As reported by the National Safety Council, alcohol impairment contributed to 40% of fatal pedestrian accidents in 2019.

Pedestrian safety tips offered by the New York Governor’s Traffic Safety Committee’s website include turning off cell phones and avoiding texting while walking. Empire State residents may reduce the risks of getting struck by walking on sidewalks and shoulders. Staying on the left side of a road could also help keep a pedestrian safe.