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The risks of manual labor

On Behalf of | Jun 18, 2023 | Personal Injury, Workplace Injuries |

People working in factories, workshops, construction, agriculture, manufacturing and maintenance experience an integral part of building a society from the ground up. Their hard work ensures the continuity and sustainability of the economy. However, it comes with serious and injury risks, such as:

The work requires physical exertion

Manufacturing and factory work comprises carrying substantial loads, handling heavy machinery and exposure to toxic substances. Working with your hands, standing and bending all day will tire the body much faster than any desk job, and repetitive movements and strenuous positions take a toll. On top of that, you may have work shifts that conflict with your body’s natural clock, working later in the day or overnight. Frequently you may work overtime to finish goods and services. You are on their feet for most of their working hours. Physical exhaustion and long and irregular shifts lead to fatigue, and fatigue makes you more prone to accidents. Their employers must maintain safety measures to ensure these workers have a safe work environment, primarily because of the hazards involved.

The work is not stable

There’s also a significant portion of workers who are “seasonal workers,” people who work in agriculture in the fall, construction in the spring and summer and perhaps retail in the early winter. They have work when and where it is available and are at a higher risk of losing their jobs. Seasonal worker’s income can vary with respect to the project and their employment status. People working in manual labor receive hourly wages that depend on the number of shifts they have each week.

Every worker, especially those with jobs that require physically intensive labor, has a right to safety, security and income protection. You can learn how the law protects you and your family.