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4 dangers of driving at night

On Behalf of | Oct 7, 2023 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

Millions of car accidents happen every year. While a wreck can happen at any time of the day, about half of all fatal car accidents happen at night. This is because it is inherently dangerous to drive at night.

While driving at night may not be people’s first choice, it’s sometimes not an option. People who are traveling long trips without paying for hotels or people leaving from late shifts may have to drive in the dark. Drivers should be extra cautious while driving at night and be conscious of the following dangers:

1. Unfamiliar roads

When people drive the same road often enough, they feel more comfortable knowing what to expect. However, there’s often a sense of caution when people drive on unfamiliar roads. Driving on an unfamiliar road at night may make it harder for drivers to spot dangers they would have otherwise seen during the day.

2. Low visibility

People have natural night vision. While it’s not perfect, it can help while driving at night. People often lose their night vision momentarily when they see a bright light. The screen on a phone or high beams from another car may do this. Losing this natural night vision can lead to an accident.

3. Cars without lights

Drivers should be aware that the lights on their cars serve two purposes. First, it makes it easier to see the road ahead. Second, it helps drivers spot other vehicles. When a vehicle doesn’t use its lights, there could be a collision. 

4. Fatigue 

People who work long shifts may be tired while driving. Drowsiness can lead to vision impairment and focus issues, which are necessary for safe driving. A driver could also fall asleep behind the wheel and cause an accident.

Driving at night is extremely dangerous. An accident could cause victims to suffer losses and permanent injuries. Drivers may need to get legal help if they are seeking compensation for their medical bills and damages.